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Xu Jiashuang

Member of Beijing Arts and Crafts Association

Intangible cultural Taoist Tae Tailan’s production skills inheritor

Lian Jiasheng’s 27th generation inheritor of Jing Tailan

Lian Jiaseng’s “April” and “Sunny Day”



Founders of art brands such as “Etiquette and the Universe”


After Lin Huiyin and Qian Meihua, the new generation of Chinese Jingtail Blue leaders

Advocate of etiquette and world culture

European Union-China Exchange Association Cultural Ambassador

Chief Art Officer of Oriental Treasure Museum

National first-class cultural relic “Water and Land

Heavy Light” Chief Design Engineer of Cloisonne Innovation and Research Engineering

Guobao Jingtailan restoration research and creation engineering design engineer

Member of Beijing Arts and Crafts Industry Association, inheritor of Cloisonne,

day enamel, Qibao roast, etc.

Art has been made for the inheritance and pro


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