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Zhuang Jinghui (famous painter)

Famous Chinese artist, overseas color ink master, Zhang Dagan’s disciple, president of Zhang Daqian Art Research Association in the United States, Chinese in the United States

President of Zhou Award Warlock Dihuizhou, President of Zhongzhong Mxue Gongqiu Business Map in the United States, China Huayan Siji, 4 Western Art Album Light Altar

The Executive Vice President, the first Chinese artist to appear on the alamy website of Haocaiwu Celebrity Network, is a rare scholar in Chhinese Painting.

Powerful painter, able to draw, book, poetry, sculpture, oil painting, pot making, including Selected Poems of Zhuang Jinhui and Zhuang Jinghui.

The collection of Paintings and other monographs came out. His sculptures are collected by American dignitaries, and his paintings are more published by the president of the United States, the Governor and the Prince of Denmark.

Collect it. He is one of the few powerful Chinese painters with international influence in Chinese painting.


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