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Jane Sun

He is the fourth inheritor of the Chinese hundred-year-old name”Yu Taixiang“
Famous travel beauty fashion artist
Founder/Art Director of Yu Taixiang Oriental Cultural investment Group(United States
Founder of Beijing Centennial Yutaixiang Culture Media Co.,Ltd

Gaowen Zhu

It was reported by CCTV News Channel that“the first European Chinese-funded gallery settled in Berlin Germany”and“Berlin opened the door to welcome China’s new art”it was named the“vo ungest influential figure of the year: China’s first person in overseas galleries indirectly contributin g to Merkel’s visit to Chinaby Fortune Magazine
He was reported by Global Entrepreneurs Magazine as a“emigrant promoter of Chinese culture and art overseas”

Mr. Sun Shan

Founder of Sanxiang Three Brands

The first president of Beijing Chenxiang Association

Visiting Professor of Chenxiang, Beijing Forestry University

Mr. Sun Shan’s footprints are all over the world’s incense producing areas.

He has been looking for incense for nearly 20 years.

His lifelong ambition is committed to the dissemination of incense culture and the benefit of human beings.

Shu Jin, Intangible Cultural Heritage

This handmade brocade technique has lasted for 2,000 years on this land.

The so-called Shu brocade is  a brocade made in Chengdu, Sichuan.

During the Warring State Period, Shujin has become an important trade product.

It flourished in the Qin and Han Dynasties and flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties.

Zhuang Jinghui (famous painter)

Famous Chinese artist, overseas color ink master, Zhang Dagan’s disciple, president of Zhang Daqian Art Research Association in the United States, Chinese in the United States

President of Zhou Award Warlock Dihuizhou, President of Zhongzhong Mxue Gongqiu Business Map in the United States, China Huayan Siji, 4 Western Art Album Light Altar

The Executive Vice President, the first Chinese artist to appear on the alamy website of Haocaiwu Celebrity Network, is a rare scholar in Chhinese Painting.

Powerful painter, able to draw, book, poetry, sculpture, oil painting, pot making, including Selected Poems of Zhuang Jinhui and Zhuang Jinghui.

The collection of Paintings and other monographs came out. His sculptures are collected by American dignitaries, and his paintings are more published by the president of the United States, the Governor and the Prince of Denmark.

Collect it. He is one of the few powerful Chinese painters with international influence in Chinese painting.

Huang Geng

Industry positions and honors:
Chairman of the Fashion and Leisure Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Food Industry
Executive Chairman of the Hot Pot Professional Committee of China Hotel Association
Vice Chairman of the Hot Pot Committee of the Chinese Culinary Association
Master Chinese cooking
Top 10 people of the year in China’s catering industry
Top 10 newcomers in the cateri
Chinese catering economy people
New Chinese leaders in 2011
Outstanding entrepreneurs in China’s catering industry
Winners of Beijing Catering Industry Excellence Contribution Award
Merits in the development of China’s hot pot industry
Special Contribution Award for Promoting Food Culture
Successful transformation of Chinese catering enterprises
Ten years of people in China’s hot pot industry
Top 10 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Beijing in 2015
Outstanding entrepreneurs in China’s catering industry in 2017
30 years of meritorious service in Chinese catering

Tong Jianhong

Founder of Beijing YongHong Jewelry Company.

The company integrates pearl breeding, pearl processing design, pearl sales,
A private customized jewelry enterprise in the whole industrial chain.
After more than 20 years of operation, the “Yonghong Jewelry” brand has won many awards:
Famous Chinese jewelry stores
The best private customization of Chinese jewelry

Xu Jiashuang

Member of Beijing Arts and Crafts Association

Intangible cultural Taoist Tae Tailan’s production skills inheritor

Lian Jiasheng’s 27th generation inheritor of Jing Tailan

Lian Jiaseng’s “April” and “Sunny Day”



Founders of art brands such as “Etiquette and the Universe”


Fish, you depend on each other

Zhang Jiahui

National intangible cultural heritagegold and silver forgingfilamentinlay National Senior Jewery Designerand Appraiser
50young talents ofinnovationandentrepreneurshipin Shanghai Honorary title of embroidery citizen of
Taijiang Miao intangible cultural heritage in Guizhou Province Make the process passable withinnovation Use actions to make culture spread
She combines traditional craftsmanship withcontemporarytechnoloayto tell the old people about craftsmanshiptechnology in the new era

Cooperative product of the Forbidden City Museum of China

No second-hand work

When rotten wood meets versatile resin
“I can’t carve rotten wood“ Redefined by second-handwork
When rotten wood encounters versatile resin,
“rotten wood cannot be carvedis redefined without second-hand Traditional craftsmanship combines modern art and technology Natural tree texture and expressive crystal resin, Outline the warm and delicate scenery. Rotten wood may not be carved.
The brand without second-hand work began to touch the strong expressive power of
resin and wood in the process of making works.

Wooden chopsticks stationery

Ingenuity·Chinese gifts

Those who work to excellence are called”craftsmen“ and those who work to beauty are called”art“.
In 2008,”ingenuitycame from life and
happened with mahogany with exquisite craftsmanship and beauty Craftsmanship believes that everyrelationship is unique. Everyfate is worth cherishing
It is as valuable as mahoganywithtemperature and thickness Never afraid of timebut change with time
Precipitate a stronger story and meaning that belongs to you Craftsmanship is committedtopromotingthemodernization of
Chinese design andinnovating traditional mahogany with originality

Hong Bo

Mr. Hong Bo, a famous painter in the United States, is the master of the hall. Executive President of the Chinese Painting Society (USA); Director of the Chinese Painting Society; Member of the Chinese Artists Association; Visiting professor at the University of California, Hainan University, and Shanghai Film Academy. Its painting style is fresh and vigorous, and its charm is vivid. The practice of “painting American landscapes with Chinese” has attracted the attention of the academic circle, and has won many awards from the US government and commendations from the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; he also affirmed Mr. Hong Bo’s artistic achievements and praised him as the “Ambassador of Sino-US Cultural and Art Exchange”.

Jade Chiu

San Jose State 一 Graphic Design BA

Parsons School of Design 一 Fashion Studies

F . 1 . T .一 Accessory Design 

Brand History 

2019 一Yusai Kan China Beauty Charity Fund & China Fashion Gala , NYC

20 18 一 LangLang International Music Foundation Sponsor , NYC

               Chong Qing lnternational Fashion Week

2017 一 Global Original Designer Innovation Award

2016 一MB Shenzhen Fashion Week              

LangLang International Music Foundation Sponsor , NYC

2015 一 Top 10 Vogue Talents

              MB Milano Fashion Week

2014 一 NJAL & Origin and Belief : Top 100 Designer 世界百大新锐

              MB Tokyo Fashion Week 东京奔驰时尚周

2013 一 Design Jewelry for Vivienne Westwood 珠宝设计Vivienne Westwood 

2012 一 Tranoi show , Paris 巴黎卢浮宫展

               Hunger Game 电影饥饿游戏



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