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No second-hand work

When rotten wood meets versatile resin
“I can’t carve rotten wood“ Redefined by second-handwork
When rotten wood encounters versatile resin,
“rotten wood cannot be carvedis redefined without second-hand Traditional craftsmanship combines modern art and technology Natural tree texture and expressive crystal resin, Outline the warm and delicate scenery. Rotten wood may not be carved.
The brand without second-hand work began to touch the strong expressive power of
resin and wood in the process of making works.
The long production process has more time for yourself to
calm down and talk to the things in your hand and experience the spirit of craftsmen.
No second-hand is used as every precious raw material you select and every wood textureisuniqueandunpredictable
After more than a dozen complexprocesses and nearlyten days of production, a flawless work can be presented.
The craftsman’s ingenuity makes people pay attention to
the ultimate kung fu at hand and artistic innovation thinking mode
Explore more cross-cutting integrationand the twocomplement each other


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